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Why and How I Started My Blog


First, of course, it is important to think about whether you actually enjoy writing and taking photos or if you just want to do it because others are doing this. 

In the beginning, I only purchased my custom domain and a cheap template, while running on a free hosting site. I wanted to see whether I would enjoy blogging in the long run and did not want to invest in a year’s worth of hosting immediately. After writing blog posts, I realized that I genuinely enjoy curating these posts. I decided to switch to a business plan on a paid hosting platform after a close friend recommended it. After switching to this platform, the template of my blog looked much more professional. I noticed through my analytics page that I have been receiving more viewers on this new hosting site, compared to the free hosting site. With my domain plan, I was able to get a custom email and left my previous @gmail one behind.

My passion for writing was one reason as to why I wanted to start my blog. Having a blog is one form of expressing my interests and opinions. This allows me to write about absolutely anything that comes to my mind. I decided to focus primarily on fashion and lifestyle-related posts. With this focus, I am able to create lookbooks that have descriptions on the items that I am wearing, write about recent purchases and mention whether I enjoy the product or not, and so on. 

My interest in taking photos also led me to start my blog. In the beginning, I just used my iPhone because it was the most convenient method - I just had it in my pocket at all times. Later on, I knew that I had to improve the quality of my photos and I would have to carry around an actual camera. I invested in 50mm lens for my camera and now I am able to achieve better portrait shots! I noticed that this extra step that I took has increased the viewers on each post. 

Getting approved on rewardStyle also made it beneficial for me to start a blog. I have received numerous messages asking about where I purchased specific clothes. With rewardStyle, I am able to link the products that I am wearing or using. I have a plugin on my blog where people are able to view the products that I have tagged on Instagram. This also drives commission for me. Here is the link to Shop my Instagram

I hope this post was helpful to those who are interested in starting their own blog! Please feel free to ask me any questions.



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