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Le Parmentier Yucca Suede and Leather Shoulder Bag

Recently, I have been gifted with this lovely leather crossbody bag from Forzieri. The bag is from the brand Le Parmentier and the style is the Yucca bag. I opted for the bag in the nude color because I thought it was the perfect blush shade. This post is based off my honest opinions on the bag.

$275 usd 

The price of the bag is well justified in my opinion considering the quality of the bag, overall design, and practicality. 


The Italian calf leather used for the body of the bag is sturdy and the straps are thicker than typical crossbody bags which will make this bag quite durable. The straps can also be adjusted to your liking. The outer lining in the front of the bag is crafted with a velvety suede material that is a bit lighter in color than the calf leather. The closure is of gold hardware and a magnetic snap. The packaging is impressive. It came with a white Forzieri box, wrapping paper, and dust bag. I love when bags come with a dust bag because it is important to store away your purses when they are not in use. 


The size is perfect for me, as I do not carry too many items when I go out. I carry my Louis Vuitton key pouch as a wallet, a little cash, a lipstick, a powder compact, and sunglasses. My minimal essentials do not take up much room at all so I can imagine that you can fit more items in this purse easily. Do keep in mind that these crossbody bags are for casual outings or fun nights. Do not expect a bag this size to fit a full-size spray sunscreen or camera. If you are looking for a small bag to fit your bare essentials, this is a practical bag for you. If you tend to carry larger items or many items, this is not for you. 

My overall opinion on the bag 

Overall, the bag feels very luxurious and looks very stylish while being at a great price point. The quality of the leather is very durable and structured. It is a practical bag for my lifestyle, as I carry the bare minimum. This Yucca bag is crafted in Italy. 

The packaging of the Yucca bag

Interior of the bag and snap closure 

Link to the bag 

I hope this review was helpful for those interested in this purse!



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