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Levi's Wedgie Fit Review

The Wedgie Fits are now one of the most popular styles from Levi's. This style is vintage inspired with the raw hem detailing. It hugs the waist, is slim on the thighs, and then flows straight at the legs. 

I am typically not a huge fan of jeans, as I usually find them uncomfortable. I am more of a trousers kind of girl. After watching a few videos and reading reviews, I decided to give this style a try. 

I tried on a pair from Aritzia and found the length to be quite flattering. They only had larger sizes in store and online so I decided to check out the inventory at the closest Levi's store. In the store, I tried on a light wash, this wash, and a darker wash. The light wash made my thighs appear larger than they are. This wash - Love Triangle was very flattering and made my thighs look slim. As for the dark wash, I was not a fan. 

People say that the sizing is true to size but this was not the case for me. I usually wear a size 0 or a 25 but I had to size up in the Wedgie Fits to a size 26. Since the fly is a button fly, I had to size up. Although the jeans can stretch out a bit after some wear, I decided that I wanted a comfortable pair rather than it being too tight (25). For reference, I am 5'2 and I do not have to hem the jeans since the inseam/length of the jeans is 26". 

These jeans are known to make your butt look flattering and not pancake looking (LOL). Unlike the name of these jeans, they do not make you have a wedgie. It is high waisted right at the belly button, which may not be comfortable for everyone. 

Overall, I see myself wearing these jeans quite often as the material of the jeans is thick and durable, while being flattering and comfortable. I am currently loving this pair and might purchase them in more colors in the near future. Although the price is a bit high at $98.00 usd, they will last a long time. On the Levi's website, if you are a first time customer, you can register for email subscription and receive 20% off and free shipping. The code you receive in your email may be used online and in stores. 

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