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5 Apps to Improve Your Instagram Game

Many have asked me what apps I use to edit my photos and create my stories. I will share some of my favorite apps with you. 

Applications used for editing 

Lightroom (mobile)
I have tried the desktop version but I prefer the mobile version due to the easy accessibility. It is also a bit simpler on the phone than on the laptop. I create my own presets and I apply them on my photos and make some adjustments depending on the lighting and overall composition of the photo. I enjoy this app because it allows you to remove certain colors in a photo like reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and etc. 

Facetune 2
This is the free version of Facetune which has fewer tools. I use this app only to whiten the background of my photos since I am not a fan of tinted yellow backgrounds. I highly recommend this application if you are trying to achieve a bright and clean Instagram feed. 

This photo was edited on Lightroom and then whitened using Facetune 2

An application used for planning 

Personally, I enjoy seeing how my feed will look like, prior to uploading a new photo. I am not too strict on planning like planning every single post but I do input the photo that I want to upload, to see how Instagram will crop my photo or if it will match my feed. If I am unhappy with the auto crop by Instagram, I will crop to my liking and then input the new version(s) into UNUM. 

Applications used to create stories

This app is great for creating Instagram stories that stand out. There are many templates to choose from and many of them are free. You are able to collect your favorite templates and save them to your Collected section which will make it easy to find.

This app has more minimalistic templates for Instagram stories. There are great templates that are free and also some that you have to pay for. Personally, I just use the free ones since the options are more than enough. 

These are the 5 applications that I use for editing, creating stories, and planning my Instagram feed. I hope these 5 applications will be helpful in making your Instagram posts and stories pop! 



  1. I love all of these tips! Lightroom is such a game changer!

    1. Glad you enjoyed my tips! Agreed. When I first downloaded Lightroom, I was quite confused. Now I love using it for editing photos!

  2. So many good tips!! Need to try made!

    1. Thank you. You definitely should check it out! There are many templates to choose from!

  3. OOH I always love finding new apps for images. I just started using Unfold for my stories and am obsessed with it!

    xoxo Christie

    1. I feel the same way Christie! I enjoy using Unfold as well!

  4. Definitely need to check out Over and Made!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. I love all your tips!!! Gonna try it out


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