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Advice from Emily: Toxic Friendships

Don’t deal with it. You deserve better than this. 

First, it’s important to question yourself if you did anything wrong. Assess it rationally. Stay calm and collected. You have to consider both perspectives and you can’t believe that you’re always right. If you’re nothing but supportive and loving toward your friend and they don’t reciprocate the same energy toward you, they’re not your real friend. 

When you break exciting and positive news to them, their facial expression looks like they're uneasy. They might congratulate you but sound insincere. They might even change the topic and focus back on themselves. 

You always compliment them and they never compliment you. They only choose to point out negative details. 

They're always unhappy and believe that they are owed everything. 

They’re competitive over trivial objects or events. They will try to one-up you whenever they get a chance to. It’s always a "weird flex but ok" moment with them. 

They only want to talk about themselves and never focus on what’s happening in your life. 

They want you to reach out to them first. Mutual effort? That does not exist. 

They reach out when they need something from you. 

If you're dealing with this, my advice to you would be:
Confrontation is important if you want your friendship to continue. If you have confronted them numerous times and they still act this way, you have to question if this friendship will last in the long run. There’s not enough time to play push and pull over and over again. It’s exhausting. If you’re not compatible, you’re not compatible. You should surround yourself with people who are happy for you and want the best for you. Don’t stick around those who want to belittle you and bring you down. Don’t overthink it, just distance yourself. Perhaps in the future, they might realize how they are acting but don’t be too hopeful. If they do make an effort to make things right, you can decide if you want to give your friendship another try. You have a lot in store for you and you deserve to focus on what will be best for you. Don’t be too caught up on this. Stay happy! 

I hope my advice was helpful, especially for my younger audience. If you would like me to touch on any other topic, feel free to leave a comment below, on what advice you want to hear from me or direct message me on Instagram. 



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  1. Boy am I happy I stumbled upon this! I am dealing with this right now and it's hard to not take it personal!


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