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My Haircare for Silky and Shiny Hair

I receive many compliments in person and online on my hair regarding its length, healthiness, shininess, silkiness, and styling. I have received numerous requests for my haircare so I decided to share it with you guys! Four years ago, my hair was not like how it is today due to excessive coloring, bleaching, and usage of heat tools.

I made a terrible decision in middle school to get a curl perm. The curls looked really good for about two weeks. Afterwards, my hair looked very poofy and frizzy. I almost forgot what my straight hair looked like. It was very difficult to maintain the perm and simply brushing my hair made it very poofy.

In my early years of high school, I got a Japanese straightening perm at the salon that used Shiseido straightening products. This saved my hair. My hair was silky and pin straight again.

In my later years of high school, I went through that phase (ABG) where I decided to bleach my hair from dark brown/black to a light ashy blonde in one sitting at a salon. So I endured 6-7 hours sitting in a chair to achieve the look with the help of four stylists. The color was really cool but it did a lot of damage to my hair. The maintenance for the ashy color was completely absurd. I found myself using an abundance of purple shampoo and conditioner regularly and Wella color charm toners weekly. Not to mention, the salon visits were also very costly. Previous to the bleaching, I did have my hair dyed numerous times but it did not damage my hair. After bleaching, my hair did not grow for a year and it grew slowly for another year. My hair felt stringy and bouncy like noodles when it was wet - not a cute look when I stepped out of the pool. When it was dry, it looked coarse. Two years after bleaching, my hair started to look healthy again once I stopped coloring it.

After all the ups and downs of my hair journey, I have been sticking to this insanely simple haircare routine because it has been working well for me for the past few years.

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner set for a few years nows and it is my absolute favorite product. It leaves my hair smelling aromatic and fragrant like apricots or oranges. It has more of a fruity scent (not a childish fruity scent) than a floral scent. The scent is strong and it lasts in your hair for 2-3 days. I am even more of a fan of this product because it does not strip my hair too much, like other shampoos I have used. It also makes my hair very silky, smooth, and tangle free. When I walk past colleagues, they tell me that the entire area I'm surrounding smells like me. They mention that it is not a nauseating or overpowering smell - it is very pleasant, fruity, and fresh. When I was going through final exams, one instance I did not have a chance to wash my hair for 3 days and the scent of this shampoo and conditioner still lasted. 

When I used other shampoos, within the next day, the scent is already gone. If I am out all day and staying active, my hair smelled scalpy. You know how nasty that smells. 

May Island: Egg Mayonnaise Honey Hair Treatment

I have heard great things about egg hair masks. I was skeptical about this mask because it contains egg and mayonnaise - does not sound appealing. I was rather surprised because this mask smells predominantly like honey. I do not smell egg or mayonnaise in this product at all. I use this hair mask while I am in the shower, once a week. I only keep it on for a few minutes. After using this mask, my hair is completely free of tangles and it is very silky and smooth. I can easily run my fingers through my hair. Make sure to not too much product or overdo it or else your hair will look weighed down and oily. 

The name of this hairdryer is a handful. I purchased this dryer almost three years ago and it still works perfectly. I wanted to splurge on a powerful hairdryer that dries my hair quickly so what is more powerful than a Ferrari engine hairdryer? With a standard dryer, it took way too long to dry my hair. I also noticed that my hair did not look as voluptuous or silky when I dried my hair with other dryers. This one dries my hair quickly, adds volume, and makes my hair look even silkier. 

When I air-dry my hair, my hair becomes very flat and a bit frizzy. So I always dry my hair with this dryer after shampooing in order to get more volume and silky hair. 

Previously, I curled my hair using my BaByliss hair straightener but the curls did not last as long when compared to curling my hair with a curling wand. My hair is very long and I chose a 0.75" curling wand in order to achieve tighter curls, which would last longer throughout the day. After curling my hair away from my face, I lightly loosen the curls in order to get bouncy waves. This curling wand makes my waves last into the next day. 

I do not use heat protectant sprays. I used them in the past and did not notice any difference. Personally, I do not believe that they work. 

After all that, I decided that keeping my hair's natural color would be the best for me. It requires very low maintenance and looks very healthy. I do not want to go through touchup sessions and toning ever again. Now, I go in for a trim when I feel that it is necessary. When I get a haircut, I ask for a straight cut to make my hair appear thicker.

I hope this haircare guide was helpful for those interested in my routine. If you decide to try out the products that I have listed, let me know what you think of them! 


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