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Guilt-Free Acai Smoothie Recipe

I posted a photo of my acai smoothie on my Instagram story and I received many direct messages asking about the recipe. Acai bowls and smoothies are a great treat. They are delicious and refreshing but many of the store-bought options contain high amounts of sugar and calories in them.

Many people consume these smoothies and bowls in hopes of losing weight and because they taste good but it may be difficult to lose weight when there is so much added sugar. The American Heart Association advises that the maximum added sugar intake is 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons for males and 25 grams or 6 teaspoons for females. Many acai smoothies purchased in-stores contain anywhere from 40-70 grams of sugar, which is much above the daily advised maximum sugar intake. Calories also range from 370-600. 

I decided that making my own smoothie will allow me to control what I put in my drink. Homemade options can aid in weight loss when compared to store-bought options. My acai smoothie recipe contains only 226 calories and 15 grams of sugar. Do not worry, it still tastes great and it does not taste "healthy." 

I use these frozen acai packs by Sambazon that contain 4 servings per bag. I prefer the original blend, which is sweetened; there are 13 grams of sugar in each pack. Sambazon also sells unsweetened packs as well. I use 1 pack for 1 smoothie. You can purchase this at Whole Foods, Target, and etc. This is the store locator.

I run a packet under running water for a few seconds and I break it into smaller pieces so that it fits in my Magic Bullet. 

365 Everyday Value Whole Strawberries

I purchased these frozen strawberries from Whole Foods. 

I put 4 frozen strawberries into my Magic Bullet. 

For my smoothie, I use Lactaid 2% reduced fat milk. This can be substituted with other nondairy milk or coconut water and it will still taste great. 

I put a 3/4 cup of the milk into my Magic Bullet and popped on the lid. 

I love how the Magic Bullet is so small, which saves a lot of space in kitchen cabinets. It is also perfect for making single servings. One con is that it takes a little longer to blend everything when compared to a standard blender. It takes about 5 minutes to blend. 

The completed product! 

This recipe is so simple and it does not require many ingredients. I hope that this was helpful for those who requested the recipe and for those who just want to try it out! Let me know if you make this and if you like it!



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  1. I love making smoothies so I def need to try this! It looks incredible!


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