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Aritzia Sale

The best time of the year - Aritzia is on sale! Majority of the clothes from Aritzia are 50% - 70% off. The sale started about a month ago so not all of the sizes and colors are available at the moment but there is still a great selection to choose from. The prices have been continuously dropping!

I purchased this blouse in Black and in Blue because I loved it that much! The fabric is so silky and smooth on the skin. The fabric is hassle-free and is machine washable. This blouse really is a closet staple. A super classy piece to effortlessly look put together! Only sizes xxs, s, m, and l are available in black. 

This Black/Flame Scarlet pattern is super pretty and feminine! I barely have any blouses with floral patterns and I thought that this was the perfect piece. This blouse has to be drycleaned. There are only sizes xxs and xs left so if this is your size and you like this blouse, act quickly! 

The neckline for this blouse is an adorable mock neck. I purchased this blouse in the color Camille, which is no longer available. The texture feels silky and cool on the skin, similar to the Babaton Rena Shirt. This blouse is also machine washable which is great!

The colors that are available

This is the other color that I was going to purchase, it is the perfect nude/cream and white pattern. Super chic and feminine! Only size xxs, xs, and m are available in Trace/Espace.

This color is a beautiful pop of red. The Navy/Tangerine and Trace/Espace Granados Blouse are rather thin and a layering piece may be required underneath. Only size xxs is available in Navy/Tangerine. 

The floral patterns are a bit larger but nonetheless, the color is beautiful! Only size s is available. 

This would be my least favorite pattern for the Granados blouse due to the many colors. 

I am a huge fan of the Eleanora Blouse that is the off-the-shoulder style but I thought that this style would be more appropriate in workspaces. This style is still cropped, like the off-the-shoulder style. I purchased the Eleanora Blouse in the color Cairo Gold. I own zero clothing that are yellow because I am usually not a big fan of yellow. For some reason, I was very drawn to this blouse in this color. I think it is the perfect shade of yellow and it compliments my skin tone. Sizes xxs, xs, s, and l are available in the color Cairo Gold while there is only size xxs in Black. 

This is probably one of my favorite items that Aritzia carry. It is a super flattering blouse that is suitable for any occasion. I have received many compliments on this blouse. There is a great selection of colors and I would purchase all of the colors if I could. The color that I am wearing is in Modern Brown. There are new colors that were just released for the spring/summer but those are regular price. 

This is probably one of the most coveted wool coats of all time. In October of 2018, it was nearly impossible for me to find the color and size that I wanted in stores because they did not carry that many Stedman coats in stores. In the beginning of November, I was finally able to find the color Saville in my size in store! Saville is one of the most popular colors, hence it being difficult to purchase. I purchased this coat at regular price but now many of the colors have reduced in price which is great news if you have been wanting a beautiful wool coat. The style that I purchased was the mid-length, wool blend. I want to mention that this wool blend is the softest wool that I have worn. This blend is also not itchy whereas some wool coats are super itchy. One thing that I appreciate the most about this coat is the fit on everyone. On the model on the Aritzia website, the coat hits right at her knee and she is 5'11 tall. I am very petite at 5'2 and it hits my knee as well! I have noticed that coats from other brands look short on the model who are 5'9 and above but drags down to my mid-calf due to my height. I love that the Stedman Wool Coat ends at the knee on everyone. Petites, this is the coat for you! 

I hope you get to grab a piece that you have been wanting, at a discounted price! Add it to your cart and head to checkout! 



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